How to create a Student Chapter / Student Affinity Group?

The Student Chapters are sub-units always belonging to a Student Branch, these Chapters always go hand in hand with one of the 39 IEEE Technical Societies or an Affinity Group (YP,WIE).
  • A minimum of 6 students is required with active chapter/group membership, in addition to their IEEE membership, and belonging to the University where the Branch is created.
  • A Professor who will be the tutor of the new chapter/group, with IEEE membership and that of the chapter/group.
  •  The following questions must be answered in depth (please answer in English):
  • to.  If the Student Branch Chapter is approved, how and when will the election to complete the Branch committee (vice president, treasurer and secretary) take place? *
  •  b. What activities (seminars, contests, etc.) do you have planned for your Student Branch Chapter (if approved)? Have you had any activity in your Institute that you would like to continue in your Technical Society? *
  •  c. What plans are in place to keep the Student Branch Chapter, and the chapter members and committee officers involved, active? *
  •  d.  What plans exist to keep the Student Branch Chapter self-sustaining? How will funding for activities and events be administered? *
  •  and.  What are your plans to increase the membership of the Student Branch Chapter within the first year, after approval? Please describe how your Institute plans to support the Student Branch Chapter. *
  •  F.  One of the common challenges that a Student Branch Chapter faces is its relationship with its two “Fathers”: The Section and the Society. How do you plan to develop and maintain a partnership with these parent units? *
  • You must have the support of the Student Branch Advisor.
  • The member chosen as the president of the chapter/group to be created must initiate the petition through Petitions IEEE .
  • The system will send the request for support to the advisor, the tutor and the members of the Branch, with membership of the chapter/group. Once all the necessary signatures are collected, IEEE approval will be requested.
  • Subsequently, you will be notified by email if the application was approved or rejected.
  • In case of doubts or require support in the process, we invite you to contact us.