Beyond Conversations is the new podcast initiative by IEEE Pune. Our motto on this highly informative show is ‘By the students, For the Students’. On this show, we invite a multitude of guests, students, creators, and professionals from diverse fields to speak about their processes. We navigate the pathways of Pathbreakers, be it tech geniuses, entrepreneurial minds, or even creative artists. Our aim is to take a deep dive into the stories of inspiring people, shining a light on their most significant work and ideas to help our viewers and listeners grow and enhance their knowledge. We know that success doesn’t come in a day. Our guests and their valuable advice based on their experience is a great tonic to help ease students’ anxiety, celebrate their individual journeys, and take a slice of life while working honestly towards their goals. We hope sincerely that our efforts will empower our viewers to a point where their ambitions shall know no boundaries..

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