The Annual General Meeting of the IEEE Pune Section was held on the 20th of January from 5:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. at Bajaj Conference Hall, Trade Towers. The meeting commenced with a Welcome and Opening Remark by Dr. Surekha Deshmukh, Chair of the IEEE Pune Section. She welcomed all EXCOM Members and other attendees. Following her, Dr. Amar Buchade, Vice Chair of the IEEE Pune Section, approved the Minutes of the AGM. Subsequently, Mr. Abhijit Khurape, Secretary of the IEEE Pune Section, presented the Report on the activities conducted during the year 2023 and shared the success of flagship events of the IEEE Pune Section, such as Eu-Reka & IEEE Pune Section Congress. Later, Dr. Mandar Bhawalkar, Treasurer of the IEEE Pune Section, shared information about Funds Received for events and the new budget allocation for the upcoming year 2024. Finally, Prof. Tushar Mote and Mr. Dhiraj Chaurasiya announced the IEEE Pune Section Awards.

IEEE Pune Section Awards 2023

  1. IEEE Pune Section Student Branch Counselor of The Year:
    Anuja Jadhav (PCCOE IEEE Student Branch)
  2. IEEE Pune Section Student Branch of the Year:
    PICT IEEE Student Branch
  3. IEEE Pune Section Student Chair of the Year:
    Nidhi Prashant Yadav (PICT IEEE Student Branch)
  4. IEEE Pune Section Student Member Volunteers:
  • Isha Kiran Dasharathe (IEEE PESMCOE)
  • Pranav Manoj Bari (LEEE RSCOE Student Branch)
  • Gtirmeet Kaur Jandoo (IEEE Student Branch MIT ADT, Pune)
  • Aditya Purohit (IEEE MMCOE Student Branch)
  • Akanksha Rajesh Prasad (MIT ADT University IEEE Branch)
  • S. Laxman Babu (IEEE PCCOE Student Branch)
  • Shreeya Kamlikar (IEEE SB MMCOE)
  • Rakshit Anilkumar Nirmalakumari Jain (PCCOE IEEE Student Branch)
  1. IEEE Pune Section Emerging Student Branch:
    IEEE WIT Student Branch
  2. IEEE Pune Section Professional Member Volunteer:
    Dr. Ashvini Chandrakishor Ladelcar (PCCoE IEEE Student Branch)
  3. IEEE Pune Section Best Chapter Award:
    Dr. Geetanjali Vaidya (Chair, PES/IAS Chapter)
  4. IEEE Pune Section Innovator/Researcher Person of the Year Award:
    Rajesh Shardanand Prasad (MIT ADT University)
  5. IEEE Pune Section Young Professional of the Year Award:
    Priyabrata Shaw (Eaton, Pune)
  6. IEEE Pune Section Women in Engineering of the Year Award:
    Dr. Prutha Prashant Kulkarni (VIIT Pune)
  7. IEEE Pune Section Senior Member of the Year Award:
    Dr. Binod Kumar (JSPM’s RSCOE, Pune)

Dr. Surekha Deshmukh presented the mission and vision of the IEEE Pune Section. The IEEE Pune Section shared its notable awards and achievements during its journey from June 26, 2010, a journey spanning more than thirteen years. It has been honored with multiple achievements and recognition. The roadmap for 2024 was discussed during the meeting, with upcoming events being planned. These events cover a wide range of topics and activities, aiming to engage and benefit the members of the IEEE Pune Section.

Dr. Amar Buchade expressed his gratitude to all the participants for their active involvement and valuable contributions. The meeting adjourned with a positive outlook towards the future endeavors of the IEEE Pune Section.

The IEEE Pune Section looks forward to a successful year ahead, characterized by growth, learning, and impactful initiatives in the field of science and technology.

Additionally, after the Annual General Meeting, a Networking Dinner was organized as a gesture of celebration and camaraderie. EXCOM and SAC Members had the opportunity to socialize and enjoy a delicious dinner together. The casual and enjoyable atmosphere provided a platform for networking and building stronger bonds within the IEEE Pune Section community.