About CSIS 

The Computer Society India Symposium (CSIS) is one of the remarkable events of the IEEE Computer Society in India and is held annually with the venue being rotated among the various sections of India. The main scope of this symposium is to bring professionals, speakers, experts, and other academicians so that the participants can interact with and in the process learn. The symposium is generally a 3-day event and includes talks, workshops, and events on a wide array of domains such as technical, industrial, management, social development and much more.

Perks :

        Professional Development 

Where the participants get a chance to hone their professional and soft skills that is going to give them extra mileage in the process of building a successful career.

        Developing the Society 

IEEE CSIS intends to promote the sense of innovation and technological zeal among the participating delegates. The symposium provides a platform for the confluence of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs from various domains to share their knowledge and experiences.

        Technological Innovation 

Where the sessions and the talks by the leading professionals expose the participants to the latest technologies and innovations and inspire them to innovate too.


This year, IEEE CSIS 2020 is an virtual event.

PICT IEEE CS Chapter is the host for CSIS 2020.

       About Pict IEEE SB chapter 

PICT IEEE Student Branch (PISB) was established in the year 1988 with an aim of inculcating a sense of technical awareness amongst its student members.

PISB aims to escalate the knowledge of developments and trends in the diverse field of technology by holding two major events every year- Credenz and Credenz Tech Dayz alongside several seminars, workshops, hackathons. Additionally, it is also marked by its Women In Engineering (WIE) chapter, an initiative for the empowerment of women. Another noteworthy feature of PISB is PICT IEEE Newsletter Group (P.I.N.G.). P.I.N.G. is the official gazette of PISB issued bi-annually.

The PISB CS Student Chapter was established in the year 2012. PISB CS organizes events which are completely focused towards technical activities like Seminars, Workshops, Expert talks, etc. and aims to create awareness and build necessary skills among the student members in this era of technology.

Some Awards and Achievements:

1) R-10 Exemplary Student Branch Award (2016-17)

2) Darrel Chong Student Award (Silver Level 2016)

3) Best Student Branch Award (IEEE India Council 2015)

4) Best Student Branch Counsellor (Dr. Rajesh Ingle – 2014)