IEEE PuneCon 2019

The second IEEE PuneCon 2019 is an International Conference on Innovating Technology for Humanity scheduled between 18 December to 20 December, 2019

The technological advancement influences everyone in their day to day lives. There is a need to use technology to solve the current global challenges. With the growing acceptance of Internet of Things, connected devices have touched every aspect of our life from Healthcare, Smart Home Automation, Smart Cities, Industries, Agriculture, Transportation and Global Connectivity etc. Green Networks and Green Communication in IoT will contribute in decreasing emissions and pollutions and reducing operational cost and power consumption for environmental conservation. Peace is the ultimate goal of all our technological endeavors. The synthesis of Science, Religion and Spirituality is the basis for world peace. This conference would provide a platform to bring forth innovations in science and technology for humanity and peace.

The theme of IEEE PuneCon 2019 revolves around advances in Technology such as Green Networks and Green Communication in IoT for Humanity. The conference brings together academicians, research scholars and industry experts to present, share and discuss technical innovations and promotes upgrading the knowledge in IoT and its different applications.

The Scope of the conference includes Domains/Tracks in the following key areas but not limited to:

1. Science And Humanity

2. Green IoT

3. Robotics And Automation

4. Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

5. Signal Processing

6. Communication Systems

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